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I too have wondered why more atheists tend to be penis-carriers than not. Obviously this article is a good contradiction of that assumption, but I still have noticed it. In New York City Atheists, most of the members are penis-carriers. I don't go that much (mostly because it really is a lot of old people-- nearly none are younger than 60) but when I have I tend to be either the only non-penis-carrier there or one of two non-penis-carriers. I guess then I wonder if women are more likely to be religious than men. If that is the case, then why?

Of course, the other possibility is that penis-carriers tend to be more outspoken than non-penis-carriers, whether because of testosterone levels, cultural expectations, or both...

Julie (a non-penis-carrier atheist who is more outspoken than most penis-carriers) :)

Thu, 04 Nov 2010 17:55:24 UTC | #542663