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Begging the question. Sexism is very deeply ingrained - I suspect that it is actually very difficult even to imagine a society free of it, just because none of us have ever experienced one. It's perhaps our most "common sense" prejudice, the one where we can't see the wood for the dense forest in which we've all grown up.

Is sexism like some mystical force? You can't really detect it, but you just KNOW that it surrounds us and influences our every decision?

That sounds to me like a black person accusing me of being a racist, despite that fact that they cannot detect any racist behavior on my part. "Even if you don't demonstrate any racism, you grew up in a racist society. Racism is so deeply ingrained, you know, it's there even if you can't see it. You are still a racist." Can't argue with that logic. But at some point, it becomes so miniscule and non-influential that it outlives it's usefulness as an explanation for disparities between groups

Not an absolute there-can-be-no-differences-EVER position, by the way - just that I think we're not very good at seeing what if anything they might be in that hypothetical sexism-free world

I gave as an example the disparity between female posters on certain topics on this very site. Do you actually think that sexism explains any of the difference? If so, is it sexism on the part of the male posters?

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