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This article reads as though the author thinks Shores was failing to recognise the existence of atheist women. Shores was pointing out that we're underrepresented not that we aren't out there. The point of the original article still stands.

How many prominent atheist women could you name? Did you know all those women in the article above? I could have only named Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Male voices vastly outnumber those of women on this website. Why is that?

How many times do people on this site make sexist comments about women and receive no censure? In my opinion that contributes to an atmosphere unwelcoming to female posters.

The sexism among atheists is not in anyway due to their being atheists, of course, but the original article didn't actually imply that.

I have noticed the way that Richard Dawkins makes a positive attempt to include women in his use of language and I'm very glad he does.

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