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Bias is not a mystical force. It has been studied extensively. A recent study shows that as society becomes more egalitarian, people still may hold bias, but they do not act on them. However, when they are tired or stressed, like when drunk or hungry, they can say or do sexist/racist statements/acts. In that case, the study shows that it is much better to not brand such people as racists or sexists, but to simply point out that such behavior is not congenial to good societal relating. When done in this manner, such behavior will many times be disregarded. If the viewer of such behavior thinks that such behavior is that of a bona fide racist/sexist, then they will not correct the behavior. A vicious circle is set in motion.

However, it has been shown to be very difficult to do that in certain atheist circles. It has been pointed out many times that sexist comments do not make you a sexist in the sense that all you do is try to oppress women every chance you get, but such spoken bias is still problematic.

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