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RE: Comment 8 by Ania

"what's funny is I'm no photography expert, but those fairies look seriously two dimensional."

I agree, but you are used to the latest CGI effects in movies, and can probably tell when something is computer-generated versus "real". Back then, photography was more of a novelty, and a b/w movie of a train approaching would scare the audience into thinking a real train was heading straight for them. If you look back at old sci-fi movies/tv shows, the "ground-breaking effects" look obvious/silly. Even the digital dinosaurs in the original 'Jurassic Park' look "obviously CGI" to us now. So they could (and obviously did) fool those inexperienced with photography, or needing to believe.

I had a similar experience when I tried to teach some critical thinking to one of my science classes, by showing them that awful FOX special "Did we land on the moon?", and tried to get them to counter the points made in it. Having had a bit more experience with photography than they had, it seemed obvious to me why some moon photos were missing (parts of) the crosshairs, and the lack of stars in the sky. However it was a lot harder for them to figure out why those features wouldn't appear.

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