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You all leave Conan Doyle alone. Remember he had just lost his beloved son in the Great War, which, after about three years, must have seemed like the end of the world. It was also the end of empire, and it's significant that this fairy appearance occurred in an English country garden.

The photos, to many who hoped they were real, were, in an industrial age, a technological means of evoking the golden age, and capture that rural nostalgia expressed in the traumatised poetry of the time, the 'sad shires' and the 'forever England' language of Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas (the best) etc. Elizabeth the First was 'The Fairy Queen'.

No, seances had been popular since Victorian times, and had built up a geat deal of 'evidence', such as photographs of ectoplasm, and the fascinating 'correspondences'. Conan Doyle was probably the greatest analyst of evidence. He also was a spiritualist. Of course he was going to investigate.

It's also crucial that the girls were trusted because they were children, in a world of evil where people wanted the innocence now irrecoverable after experience.

We are seeing things too much from a present-day perspective. Astounding, 'impossible' things were happening in science and aviation, etc. Yes, the images look dummy to us.

But fairies are supernatural beings who may have ensured they are always perfectly photogenic. I would. I personally think they were put there by 'Elephant in the Room' guy's time-travelling aliens, on their way home from the Resurresction. There's a difference between Jesus and fairies. Er, I hope the fairies don't enslave pixies or sprites. Peace and smiles.

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