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Comment 1 by hitchens_jnr :

The last point, I strongly dispute (in part).

Moses - no evidence whatsoever for his existence.

David - a very small amount of possible evidence for his existence (which isn't quite the same as saying no evidence!)

Jesus - almost cerainly a historical figure, though not the same as the guy in the Gospels!

In the Jesus case, talking about his existence isn't perpetuating a Christian myth, since a very respectable historical case can be made for it. Saying he existed isn;t the same as saying he was the son of God who died for our sins!

Regarding colloquialisms like "for God's sake", I don't see as a problem, I say this all the time! When people say "by Jove" (do people still say "by Jove"?) they're not affirming a belief in the king of the Roman gods!

This is a sentiment that I've come across repeatedly. It's stated as if fact by everyone but I've yet to be presented with any real evidence.

I'm going to google "did Jesus actually exist" but as that will no doubt bring up a huge amount of rubbish I would appreciate clarification on this point from anyone else here.

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