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I, Roedy, said: "Speaking of Moses, David and Jesus as historical personages when the evidence is they are fictional characters."

My information here comes from a book by a famous Canadian Anglican theologian, Tom Harpur, in his book The Pagan Christ: recovering the lost light. Amazon reviews

Moses: Not so much as a shard of pottery or a footnote on an obelisk. Someone of that stature, and a 40 year expedition in the wilderness should have left many traces. Given the fame that would accrue to any archeologist who found even the tiniest clue, it is not for lack of trying. I consider this complete lack of corroborating physical evidence utterly damns the bible as a work of fiction, since Moses is its #2 alleged historical figure.

David: Just one mention of minor chief named David. There is plenty of evidence for other kings of his alleged stature.

Jesus: Documents other than the bible show Jesus being introduced much like superman over a period of many years, with the myth gradually being fleshed out with more and more stories. There is no mention of some spectacular faith healer in the secular record. There were dozens of other faith healers with similar alleged magic powers in the historic record. If Jesus existed, he did not make much of an impression on non-Christians. There is no record of all that Cecil B. deMille stuff happening when Jesus allegedly died and resurrected. It is all pure BS.

The bible was like a children's game of telephone, stories told and retold, each time warped and exaggerated until they were written down.

I am somewhat suspicious that Christians would lose track of such important artifacts as the Ten Commandments stone tablets (even if broken to sand), the Ark of the Covenant whatever it was and the holy grail. I tend to put them in the category with Joseph Smith's missing gold plates, though the Ark could just possibly still exist.

Once we started carbon dating Christian relics, we discovered nearly all were bogus. Lying and bamboozlement is the very heart of Christianity.

Harpur argues that none of this matters. The essence of the Christian teaching has nothing do with performing miracles and magic tricks.

It matters to me since Christians use this alleged magic as proof the creator of the universe commands them to kill and persecute gays like me. Who are they to argue it makes so sense?

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