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The pastor isn't the only one hot on the heels of of this issue, faux news pushes this almost on a daily basis. I'm sure also for the wrong reasons, (paint POTUS as with THEM against US), however I think we are on the precipice of regional conflict with Islam. Another major terror attack is inevitable, and when it happens my guess all hell will break loose. There is already a formidable push back in Europe, and with a much larger Muslim population than in the US, the next terror attack will most likely happen in Europe. We couldn't prevent a major cholera outbreak in a peaceful country 100 miles off our shore, stemming from a relatively small catastrophe. Pakistani flood victims, most of which cannot return to their farms, are only starting their journey of misery. Discontent in Islamabad is sure to grow (and spread), and will be steered in our direction. Af-Pak til 2014, Iran, Israel/Palestinians, seems Bush is gonna get his religious war sooner or later......

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 15:48:54 UTC | #549327