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Good video, even the bit at the end describing the vacuity of those who care about and want to maintain the British monarchy was spot on (See to fight this absurdity.) Sam's words about the nutjob Pastor, 'right for the wrong reasons' might describe the British National Party in the UK, though their obvious racist motivations are different from superstitious motivations of religious demagagues.

There is a kind of confused, misguided multicultural relativism that pervades poltical and social debate in the modern western democracies, particularly amongst those who identify themselves as having rather Left-liberal views, which I'm sure intellectuals like Dawkins, Haris, Hitchens, Grayling and so on consider or considered themselves to have. This may be exaggerated slightly, but it's quite clear there is a problem when columnists for the most popular liberal paper in the UK, the Guardian, can have impeccable records of anti-racism, anti-homophobia, womens rights and so on, can associate with and support Islamist clerics and movements and fail to critisce them for their holocaust conspiracies and advocating the burkha. This is true of someone long time regulars to this site are familiar with, Madelilne Bunting. In his book What's Left, which I thought was overall pretty poor and lacked rigour to the point that it resembled a Peter 'bonkers' Hitchens rant, Nick Cohen takes apart this particular tendency of the modern Liberal Left with atomic precision.

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