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Comment 15 by The Plc :

Good video, even the bit at the end describing the vacuity of those who care about and want to maintain the British monarchy was spot on (See to fight this absurdity.) Sam's words about the nutjob Pastor, 'right for the wrong reasons' might describe the British National Party in the UK, though their obvious racist motivations are different from superstitious motivations of religious demagagues.

I disagree, I'm a humanist and atheist but am also for the British Monarchy. This may seem contradictory since the Monarchy's right to rule is strictly based on religion and tradition but I think they're a great part of the British culture and politics and that this last remnant of majesty left in this world sets us apart as a people (both in britain and the commonwealth). I might only change my mind if Prince Charles becomes king :-) .

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 17:26:31 UTC | #549403