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Does anyone have any interesting stuff I can read/watch online about reforming Islam? Has anyone ever put forward ideas of how to do it which seem like they might actually work? So far I've come across stuff about specific passages in the Qur'an where the meanings of words are disputed, and some Muslims who disregard completely the Hadith and rely solely on the Qur'an. These things would be an improvement but still don't seem good enough and I don't see them catching on anyway.

It seems way easier to reform it than to get rid of it completely, at least for now. But the reason it seems like such a difficult thing to do is that Islam relies on this belief about the Qur'an where it's literally true, every word, and it doesn't seem plausible that anyone will be able to persuade many Muslims at all that this isn't the case and they can still be Muslims without believing it.

It's like Muhammad (or whoever wrote the Qur'an) has tied up all of the loose ends. You can't say that parts of the Qur'an don't apply like you can with the Bible because it was literally written by God. You can't say things were mistranslated because it's in its original language. You can't say that it applies only to the time it was written, because Muhammad was the final prophet. You can't say that you don't have to follow Muhammad's example, him not being God, because it says in the Qur'an that you should should follow the examples of God's messengers. There's no human representative on Earth to receive modern revelations. There's no way to make any changes!

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