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Is it better to be right for the wrong reasons, or wrong for the right reasons?

I think that a lot of the time, they are wrong for the wrong reasons.

Pull the teeth of Islam.

Islam has more teeth than brains. Like a shark, it is good at killing what it sees as food but doesn't have any idea of the bigger picture. Time for tooth pulling is long overdue with this monstrous religion and it uses a haram method (western, khufar bastard technology >;-> ) to sharpen those teeth. Being haram western khufar bastard technologists, we can use it back on them*.

I suppose something analogous to DNS poisoning would be at least humorous.

  • Make a video where you have coloured salt water and clear sweet water. Shake them up and they mix.

  • Next, take (apparently) the same (white oil will do), hold it over the quran and move it slowly in a circle an odd number of times (like the stones for wiping one's arse) whilst saying what they all chant when they get a deranged kid to cut someone's head off using a blunt pen knife and, holy shamolie, when shaken, they stay separated.

  • then, because it uses safe materials (salt and water and food colouring), it can be tried at home to get the same results.
  • Thus, the quran is truly a divine book with magical powers and you can get it to override the laws of physics by interacting with it - add something about quantum entanglement to get them claiming that it is scientific.

    Trying to replicate experiments at home might and then failing might seed their minds with a bit of doubt. A rich seem of these 'scientific' claims is all over YouTube. Take each one and make an experiment that they can do themselves and draw the quran into it in a magical way. Seed the video with comments about how wonderful the Quran is, how it explains everything and how that nasty haram western khufar bastard science is damaging to the quranic world.

    Flooding YouTube with virals that uphold the bogus claims in the quran, with experiments that the 'enthusiastic' quranophile can try at home, and when it doesn't work for them, they can start asking why.

    * do you think that they like using the word 'khufar' because it sounds like 'fuc**r'

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