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Noodles, I'm confused. If a child has not been given religious thoughts (like my child) then hopefully they can't have been programmed to have a religion. If they are told that God is the one true god and all that and that they have to believe, they will. Most people do not question the validity of their belief - see Dianelos in other posts, or BizzaroDawkins - they accept and do not question their unique interpretations of the God thought.
RD said, as I recall, that no child is born a religion. They are born a colour, a shape, a sex but not a religion. It is like nationality - I am English, my wife is Chinese, my daughter is born in NZ. Is she a Kiwi then? (Yes, by birth) Is she English? (Yes too - through me - and she is a dual national) Is she Chinese (through mitDNA yes but as my wife lost her Chinese nationality once she took NZ citizenship, no). See the confusion? Nationality is an artificial construct, like religion. Parents decide their religion, on the whole. Like circumcision, the child has no say in the matter, a matter that can follow on into adulthood (here's an article that makes one think
Children believe in Father Christmas, the bogeyman and the tooth fairy - as they question those, they stop believeing. God is the same as those childish ideas (given to the children by adults) but unfortunately the belief in this idea is so widespread that no one really thinks about it. Sometimes, if they do think about it, there are serious repercussions (see article above and consider the Egyptian mufti's recent comments about changing religion).

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