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@ xmaseveeve Hello again! I posted a response to your reply in the other thread you might enjoy.

It's clear that this campaign has absolutely succeeded in opening up the debate on this issue and in grabbing some media attention which is great.

I also agree (it might surprise you to hear) that laughter is the best medicine. The original photo with caption was a great ad-hoc act of satire, however personally I don't find many of the cartoons linked to particularly amusing or witty. What really concerns me though is that if you are going to reduce the influence of the likes of Pete Kearney you need to be able to engage support not only from Atheists, Agnostics and Sceptics but also from Catholics. The cartoons that are being circulated run the risk of pushing Catholics towards Kearney which is counter-productive.

What do I think would be more effective? At this stage I think whats needed is an email campaign to the Scottish parliament highlighting how the likes of Peter kearney are abusing legislation intended to end sectarianism in order to deepen it.

However my head is not so far up my own backside that I don't recognise the following:

1) Unlike Profesor Dawkins I have taken no action in the public sphere to combat the existential threat to civil society posed by faith based education and the creeping influence of religious special interests on public life

2) Unlike Professor Dawkins I have not taken a significant amount of time out from my day job to help further the cause of Rationalism and offer support to those trying to leave religions they no longer feel at home in

3) I have not (nor am I about to) taken the initiative to draft such a letter to the Scottish parliament.

I posted my concerns about the campaign because (perhaps misguidedly) I believe it may be useful for Professor Dawkins and other Atheists to know that there are those that dissent. I do often seem to find myself dissenting though so am considering just deleting my account and going back to relying on Chris H's column on slate.

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