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Sorry, but I find the condemnation of the SFA's sacking of Hugh Dallas to be absurd.

I'm an atheist. I'm Scottish and I'm also strongly against the Catholic Church, although I was brought up as part of it. However, supporting Hugh Dallas in this case is simply supporting the continuation of institutional bigotry in Scottish football. Let us remember that he used his work e-mail accont to send this joke. I don't care too much for the Catholic Church involving itself by demanding he be sacked, but Dallas' position was simply untenable.

We must also recognise the bigger picture here, that there is a refereeing scandal occuring in Scotland at the moment due to the exposure of a coverup of lies against one team in particular - Glasgow Celtic.

Now, unfortunately the religious affiliations that are generally credited to Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers aren't going to change anytime soon and it's simply a matter that the SFA have to work with, without any sort of bias.

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