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"Please explain. How on earth can the forwarding of a non-sectarian satirical email possibly become proof of sectarianism or bigotry?"

Sorry, when I said 'Of course it does', that was in reference to the below question. Hugh Dallas being a bigot is my opinion and we can debate that. That's why I mentioned the importance of context. Many of his decisions over the years have shown a clear bias against Celtic and this latest scandal only bolsters this viewpoint. However, I disagree that his lack of professionalism is up for debate.

"In what way does forwarding an a satirical email demonstrate that he is unable to perform his duties in an even-handed manner?"

This is my problem with what you're saying. That you can even assert to understand the context perfectly well, yet continue to be confused as to why his actions, in a city where sectarianism is quite rife. A man of his position - a senior position in a football association which is apparently making an active attempt to stamp out sectarianism - using his work e-mail to post the image. It's a complete lack of professionalism. How can you expect such a man to maintain his role as head of referee development or ever be seen as being 'even-handed' again? How can the SFA employ someone who does this whilst being a partner in this organisation -

"How is the email addressed used relevant in relation to whether the contents were sectarian or not?"

None of this surprised me. Dallas ordering match report amendments. Dallas bullying people. Dallas forwarding the picture in an e-mail. I expected this sort of behaviour. The only thing that took me aback is that he'd be so unprofessional as to use his SFA e-mail address to do so. I honestly wish he'd been sacked before the e-mail story even surfaced. The coverup beforehand was more than enough.

"More lies from Scotland's pro catholic community."

I'm not pro-Catholic.

"the fact that the RC church is meddling in affairs which are not theirs to meddle in makes me sick to my stomach."

I feel the same. I wish they hadn't got involved. I'm sure the guy is a parasite and probably comparable to the likes of Bill Donohue.

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