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Anecdote: My Italian grandmother was illiterate and superstitious. Peasant women had little opportunity for education or intellectual freedom. At six I was sent to RC school and my first impression was to wonder why they were so mean to kids. Later on at fourteen I had to leave an RC girls school for challenging the monsignor on the issue of virgin birth. My comments to the man suggested that if anything at all happened it was just another unplanned teen pregnancy. Failing the religion course led to me achieving freedom from the fear of hell (eventually) and atheism. In all honesty I never did believe any of the stuff of indoctrination but did enjoy the bleeding statues, men in fancy dress, candles and incense.

Those with a social conscience and a strong moral code should see imposing religion on the developing minds of children as cruel and inhumane. Filling infants’ heads with superstitious nonsense that is never recanted in the same way that fairy stories are is quite absurd yet even educated parents do this. Enchantment is a useful narrative tool for teaching children morality however when culture and governments sanctify imaginary friends it leads to social disaster. The result is a terrified population that is emotionally castrated. I also wonder why it is so hard to stop ritual genital mutilation (circumcision) of defenseless children. How curious that people agree to be outraged by stories of other forms of child abuse while quietly perpetrating it themselves.

Consenting adults can be free to practice religion but like sex should do in privacy. They should never interfere in government.

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