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An apparently US-type Christian group have set up shop in the UK, determined to peddle lies to schoolchildren.

See ….

Their stuff on the lower, biology section is truly dangerous, and full of lies.

I hardly need add, they are all the usual lies, referring to the Peppered Moth survey (someone please inform Michael Majerus), claiming there are “alternatives” to evolution, horse evolution, with a particularly egregious diagram at fig. 2. , Haeckel’s drawings (under “embryology”), the tendentious and misleading short section on hominid fossils, and (I suspect) a quote-mine and selective use of text in the section on homology in vertebrate limbs.


Their title, should, of course, be “Lies in Christianity”, but I’ll let someone else call them that – then I can be a non-expert witness at the libel trial.

These lying conmen (and I suspect con-women) need to be stopped, RIGHT NOW.

G. Tingey.

Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:02:00 UTC | #5605