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Well this exchange in many ways was not about whether to be a little A or a big A but reflects a diversity of thought as to how to reach the hearts and minds of believers. I think we will benefit from our brethren who wear the big A. If the idea is to create awareness and dialogue than a more subtle design works apparently not just for me but many others. Mind you not that the original design is flawed but one design cannot capture a group as diverse as ours.

The various contributors who seek to splinter our relatively small movement with criteria for who is truly an "atheist" disturb me. That position is fundamentally wrong and is indeed close to making atheists a closed sect. Many entries indicated what could possibly be wrong with wearing the t-shirt or how could there be negative consequences. Bless you, you live in a tolerant area of the world or you have the luxury of being immune from the real world consequences of being an atheist. Many of us do not so please try not to be so judgmental.

The message does indeed need to get out but only for those who are ready and can disseminate the message. Please no more "I am real atheist because I am wearing a large A on my chest and you are others are not worthy and sniveling cowards" Sounds silly as it should once you reduce the argument.

The T shirt is a good start and many thanks for the time and effort of all. Hopefully the t-shirt represents merely the beginning of a line a of fashionable clothing for the Atheist with nothing to wear.

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 04:50:00 UTC | #56237