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Here's a constructive suggestion.

The point of the Out campaign is to get people to stop being so shy about publicly admitting their disbelief; don't get hung up on the fact that the RDF is offering a t-shirt to encourage people to open up. If you don't like the t-shirt, don't get it -- just follow the spirit of the campaign and get out there and make your ideas known.

If you like the t-shirt the campaign is selling, wear it.

If you like some other t-shirt that promotes atheism or ridicules religion, wear that.

Design your own: I had a thread with lots of suggestions for a godless logo. Steal liberally.

If you want something with more depth than a simple slogan, go talk to people. Stand on a soapbox on a streetcorner. Attend a UU meeting. Organize your own local atheists group.

Write on a blog. Write a book. Make a youtube video. Sing a godless song.

Everyone is getting stuck on the shirt, which is just one outlet for getting the message out. Seriously, you don't have to wear it. But find some way to help the cause instead of carping pointlessly.

Damned atheists. You can be so self-defeating.

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