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I'm getting a little tired of these self-appointed "peace brokers" who imply that gentle people like the professor and others are uncaring militant fundamentalists because they dare to complain and would they please stop rocking the boat.

The implication that natural selection and other scientific principles are NOT in conflict with religious faith is a feat of double-think of unparalleled proportions by religious moderates and wincing agnostics.

At the very least, natural selection contradicts any religious principles that posit a young earth. It also contradicts any concept that involves a deity 'nudging' evolution as it goes, since no such nudges are apparent. The very MOST that one could believe and still accept natural selection is the most non-interventionist of deities who set the ball rolling initially and then left the universe to unfold in all it's cold and relentless cruelty. That is not the deity that the vast majority of the religious in this world believe in. That is a kind of deity to which only a theologian could subscribe.

Kitcher clearly has the agenda of pushing 'secular humanism' as the face of secularism rather than the more unpalatable atheism, perhaps on the basis that the religious are less likely to be alienated by a more friendly, conciliatory approach. Such a Vichy-esque approach is guaranteed to get steam-rollered by fundamentalists who have no interest in truth, rationality, fairness or honesty.

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