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In consideration of Philip Kitcher's notion that secular humanism needs to be providing an alternative "meaning of life" to people,particularly those who rely in some sort of religious belief to "make sense of it all",I would make the following observations.

Firstly that the awakening debate regarding religious belief and the subsequent consciousness raising is not,as I see it,a planned exercise.It is more a reaction by enlightened individuals in response to growing world crisises.
Crisises that religion is ill equipped to deal with at best,or at worst,could be positively harmful to any rational attempts to adress them.

I see these crisises as being,globalisation and the consequent clash of cultures and ideologies,material capitalism and the inevitable competition for ever limited resources,but most important of all global warming and pollution which is likely to have a devastating effect to life on this planet.

I can't see anymore important purpose or meaning for mankind at this moment other than to unite and adress these issues.

How that global unification of purpose and will is achieved is difficult to imagine,but the challenging of religious dogma and superstition by encouraging rational thought is a good place to start.

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