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Re : 18. Comment #59758 by Bonzai

I don't have philosophical terminology, so all I can say is if this is nihilsm, it's not all bad. But I didnt mention nihilism until you did - there generally seems to be some paranoia about that here ... what I meant was, in not having to think about ultimate meanings, something clicks in a way that frees you to move on and just be yourself, whatever that may be, not measure up to some ideal. And it's okay not to feel wonderful all the time.

It's the death of others, rather than the self which is the problem I think, our own death we're not going to know anything about, but until then we have to deal with death of family and friends with increasing frequency. (Only mentioning this for the sake of completeness).

Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:33:00 UTC | #56548