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As an urban Canadian the vast majority of my friends are atheists or agnostics, I have occasions to know some religious people but they are the ones in the closet. I don't know, it may be different in the U.s. But I haven't heard of atheists being bashed by having base ball bats descending on their skulls like gays do even in the red states. The analogy with gays is over the top IMO.

Some atheist chap from the U.S. came to my university to speak against ID. In the end he got a standing ovation and everyone in the Q&A segment agreed with him. He said, "what the hell is wrong with you people? It is the first time I have a 100% approval rating! I have prepared some brilliant points to debate creationists in the Q and A session and now I can't use them !" It was apparently the first time he visited Canada, all his previous speaking engagements were in the U.S. He oughted to have gone to Alberta if he wanted a good debate.

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