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Are you uncomfortable with this "A" stuff?

As atheists we have the right to assert our opinions and a need to support one another in practical terms. However, I have misgivings about the net outcome of the "A" campaign (though it is infinately better than the "brights" idea).

Is the whole "out" thing becoming a little too politicised? Does it not run the risk of becoming a bit "cultish". Dosen't atheism abhore cults (I do)? Cults have the nasty habit of becomming "revered". Next thing you know, the texts of Dawkins et al become "the way" rather than the "out".

"The way" is individual self-examination based on reasoned contemplation. It is not cultish; not T-shirt wearing or manifested in any other form of flag-waving.

That said, if "A" draws attention to science and reason, perhaps there is a case to be made for it. But its dicey.

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