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I still don't like the parallel with homosexuality, but at least Richard addresse the issue. Thanks, Richard!

My problem with the parallel is that it seems to compare a state of being (straight/gay) with a set of beliefs (theist/atheist.) There are completely different rules as to how each may be treated, and should be treated. A state of being, whether it be gender, race, sexuality, etc. is not a choice. A world-view is. It's an opinion, albeit a fairly all-encompassing one.

I feel like the parallel is a reach for special respect that atheism, being a philosophy rather than a trait, just shouldn't be asking for. Just as the religious should not be able to claim that their views are equal to a race, neither should we be able to claim that our views are equal to a sexual orientation.

Mon, 30 Jul 2007 15:20:00 UTC | #56563