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I applaud those Americans who have decided to come "out" in the hard states, I understand how you feel.

I once gave a week long seminar in the Southern Indiana/Kentucky border area, the first day all went well, many delegates were keen to tell me of their Scottish ancestry and they took me to lunch and dinner. During after dinner conversation someone raised the subject of religion and I got quite a shock. They began to tell me how they admired the devout Scottish christians and automatically assumed I was one of them, when I said they were describing a nation unknown to me and that I was myself an atheist, well, my words seemed as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. It dawned on me their notion of religion in Scotland was the kind the pertained in the days of John Knox.

I decided that a diplomatic change of subject was in order so I indicated my desire to see the fossil beds that are close to the bridge over the river that runs along the border between Kentucky and Indiana, it might be the Ohio river but I can't quite remember; locals from that area will know the place I'm referring to. I was hoping maybe one or two would offer to accompany me on an evening visit to the site, all I got were terse replies that indicated a lack of interest in fossils.

For the rest of the week I ate lunch and dinner alone, no more invitations were forthcoming. Had it not been for the fact that their employer had paid for them to attend my software seminar so they could learn how to use it, I think many of them would have skipped the course after the first day.

That was my first experience of rampant religion in the USA and it took me aback because I'd already worked in Florida for several years and most of my colleagues were democratic and atheistic. I had another more serious run in with religites in the USA but that's another story that I won't bore you with just now. Perhaps due to the efforts of you American "outers", I'll notice a difference if I have to visit that part of the country again.

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