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First off, I have lived in Missouri most of my life, and now I live in Indiana, and Indiana is much much worse than Missouri. City officials have have this slogan going in their offices "god is great all the time". People look horrified when I explain exactly what my flying spaghetti monster t-shirt with the fork on a cross is about.

Whats even greater, is when I get asked my religion or what church I go to up here. It happens all the time. I put on my best friendly face and simply say, "I don't believe in invisible things" which usually gets a chuckle. Then they try to be cool about it and say something to the effect of "ha ha, like bigfoot and the lockness monster?" and I say "yeah, those too".

Its funny because religious people will always put themselves into those awkward thinking positions. However, I thought I would weigh in on the big red A thing. I have some issues with it, since it seems like the scarlet letter for adultary. And the whole "out" think seems to steal to much thunder from the gay pride movement, something worth coming out about in its own right.

But something is better than nothing, and if you don't like the ideas out there, why not start a new one yourself? After all, freedom is absolute, creativity embraced, and unity important. We still need to let the countless atheist wannabees know that its Okay to not believe and that there are others out there. Those of us born and raised christians know what its like to try and come out among religious peers, friends, and family, and I for one will not stand by and force others to come out all alone like I did. I took me months of actively looking to find others like minded as me in my area. I want to be supportive of someone elses choice to stop believing the lie.

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