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Well done Richard for a great, well tuned article. Now here’s my tuppence worth:

Isn't the problem here one of religion already maintaining a strong foothold and influence in the political arena, which is historical? If we ignore religion in the political context are we not simply conceding ground? And to whom do we define clearly what is required by the state in terms of evidence and argument in the formation of policies? Is there a democratic forum for this debate? I say again, those who wish to involve god in politics have already warranted their claims over centuries, their criteria is firmly established. The atheist view is, to many people, an un-established definition for opposition in the wider political sense. It needs to provide the same powerful influence that religion claims for itself. I’ve made the point before that all things start from the ground up, and the church has a lot of ground to stand on. It gives an overwhelming appearance of power and influence and this is what marks it as dangerous, especially to under-developed and under-educated minds. It is the daunting task of atheism to not only rebut the arguments for religions claims but also to take those arguments to a world-wide community. For want of a better analogy, atheism and religion are in the same business. Once again, thank you for leading the charge...

Fri, 24 Dec 2010 16:28:52 UTC | #568461