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Coel says "From the Bible for a start, see Genesis 1 for God creating humans in their current form. These sort of ideas were predominant in most of Christendom for most of Christendom's history. You don't need to understand and reject evolution to be a creationist, you merely need to believe that God created humans in much their current form."

What we understand to be creationism today is simply not compatible with Catholicism; creationism is based on Sola Scriptura which is a total anathma to the RCC (it was invented by Martin Luther to get at the power of the Catholic Clergy). If the Catholic Church ever adopted Sola Scriptura it couldn't and wouldn't exist any longer. Whatever you think the faults are of the RCC, it rejected Biblical literalism in the 4th Century AD.

Making claims about history are no real help either. Nobody anywhere in the world accepted evolutionary biology until 1859 - whether they were Catholic, other versions of Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Confucionists, Animists, Muslims, Druids, Jews or anyone else.

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