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Roger Stanyard writes:

What we understand to be creationism today is simply not compatible with Catholicism; creationism is based on Sola Scriptura which is a total anathma to the RCC ...

Creationism is simply the belief that God created humans in something like their present form. For the vast majority of the history of the Catholic church that is what the vast majority of Catholics (and other Christians) believed.

It is only relatively recently that "official" Catholic doctrine has tried to make itself compatible with evolution, creating a grudging form of theistic evolution that is warily accepted by many (but by no means all) of the Catholic heirarchy. Most Catholic teaching still insists on Adam and Eve being two real people (not necessarily the only people alive then), since this is necessary for their doctrine of Original Sin. And even so, people like Cardinal Schonborn don't really accept evolution at all. And if you talk to Catholic rank-and-file you still find plenty of creationists.

Certainly, around the time of Hitler's youth, most Catholic teaching of youth would have been creationist (i.e. God creating man in much like their current form). And Hitler certainly believed that, as is quite clear from the ideas and arguments of Mein Kampf, as in my last post.

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