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Coel says "In addition to my previous post, here's an analysis of Mein Kampf that I wrote a whole ago and have posted a few places. There is absolutely no doubt that Hitler was a creationist who presented a religious, creationist rationale for exterminating Jews. It's all there explicitly in Mein Kampf (all quotes below are from there). "

As I say, that isn't what we mean by creationism; it's a hodge-podge ramblings of an incoherent intellect.

Let's get this absolutely straight. All Christians are creationists as they all beleive that God created the universe. However, most accept evolutionary biology and most accept the Bible, including Genesis, as allegory and metaphore. Hitler came from that tradition.

The quotes you provide look to me to be use of allegory and metaphor as part of the political polemic of an uneducated man. They display no understanding of creationism whatsoever.

I also point out that the modern day creationists virtually all claim that Hitler was a Darwinist" and an atheist. They've produced copious amounts (or drivel) to support their claims.

The man was so incoherent in his views that just about anyone can claim that he was a Darwinist or a creationist according to their own prejudices. From my understanding Hitler wasn't even intellectually capable of distinguishing creationism from evolutionary biology.

Probably closer to the truth is that he picked and chose whatever helped him push his cause or his rhetoric at the time.

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