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Roger Stanyard

What we understand to be creationism today is simply not compatible with Catholicism

I'm sorry, your going to have to give your definition of creationism then. You seem to be arguing that someone who believes that life forms were separately created and immutable, as Hitler certainly seemed to based on what Coel presented, is not a creationist.

Furthermore, your assertion that creationism is not compatible with Catholicism is simply false. As explained by Ernst Mayr, one of the intellectual roadblocks to acceptance of Darwin's ideas was a longstanding belief in Greek philosophical ideas of essentialism and fundamental "kinds" or "forms". Since these philosophical concepts thoroughly influenced Catholic theology, and seem to be anathema to a proper understanding of evolution, it is in fact hard to see how they could embrace evolution.

And the truth is, they have never disavowed creationism. The encyclical Humani Generis, which everyone thinks shows a Catholic endorsement for evolution over creationism, in fact only states that evolution is not theologically unacceptable. It is in fact a very muddled document, and recent anti-evolutionary stances by prominent Catholics such as Cardinal Schönborn and Benny himself show just how uncomfortable Catholic theology is with evolution. Creationism creates far less headaches.

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