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Roger Stanyard writes:

"As I say, that isn't what we mean by creationism; ..."

Yes it is, creationism is a broad term for the idea that God created humans in much like their current form.

"However, most accept evolutionary biology and most accept the Bible, including Genesis, as allegory and metaphore. Hitler came from that tradition."

Hmm, you sure of that "most"? World-wide it's a dubious claim that "most" Christians accept evolution. Further, while the Bible and Genesis are accepted as in some ways allegorical, much is also taken at face value. Modern Catholicism still, for example, regards Adam and Eve as two actual people who God started a relationship with.

Further, please provide your evidence that Hitler came from a tradition of accepting evolution. I'm not aware of any evidence of that. And from Mein Kampf it is clear that Hitler was a creationist, or, to avoid endless quibbles about the word "creationism", it is clear from Mein Kampf that Hitler believed that humans had been created by God in much like their current form.

"The quotes you provide look to me to be use of allegory and metaphor as part of the political polemic of an uneducated man."

Please provide your evidence that they were meant as an allegory. I've read the thing, and it reads to me as though they were intended at face value.

They display no understanding of creationism whatsoever.

That depends entirely on how you define "creationism". Those quotes present a religious, creationist view that would have been the commonest view of most Christians through most of Christendom (namely that God created man in much like man's current form).

I also point out that the modern day creationists virtually all claim that Hitler was a Darwinist" and an atheist. They've produced copious amounts (or drivel) to support their claims.

So what about their claims? They've produced no evidence at all for either claim. No-one has ever produced any evidence of Hitler looking to or quoting from Darwin. Are you really presenting mere creationist claims as some sort of support for the idea that Hitler believed in evolution???

From my understanding Hitler wasn't even intellectually capable of distinguishing creationism from evolutionary biology.

Sorry, no, regarding Hitler as simply stupid won't wash. He wasn't. You don't get to the positions he got to without some measure of ability.

Probably closer to the truth is that he picked and chose whatever helped him push his cause or his rhetoric at the time.

Not so, his ideas on this were continued and pursued over decades, it was a coherent agenda, at least to the extent that any religious ideology is. The truth is he believed that God had created man in much like man's current form -- just as most Christians over most of Christendom had believed that.

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