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Roger Stanyard writes:

Methinks you're defining creationism for your own purposes.

Unlike you? You seem to be pointing to particular forms of creationist thought and insisting that only they can properly be called "creationism".

"dunno when it [the Catholic church] dropped what you claim to be creationism, if it ever believed it in the first place. ... I assume (and could stand corrected) that the RCC's position on evolution was ambiguous when Hitler was in his youth."

The Catholic church permitted belief in evolution in a 1950 encyclical Humani generis iossued by Pius XII. Before that standard Catholic teaching -- as I keep telling you -- was that God had created humans in their current form. If you can point me to any official Catholic statement of Doctrine that endorses evolution before that 1950 encyclical then please do so.

The Catholic position permitting belief in evolution has later endorsed by John Paul II. But note that even now it is a grudging acceptance, they don't endorse evolution, just permit belief in it. See for example:

The creationist movement has its origins in the 19th Century amongst Seventh Day Adventist ...

You mean that one form of it developed from there. The word "creationist" is far broader than your take on it.

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