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The opener is such a load of nonsense it's hard to know where to begin.

Hitler wasnt' a this or that....he was an opportunist nationalist, quite happy to say or do whatever was considered necessary to further that particular goal. This is the same Hitler who made the comment ' the popular masses are stupid ', and who had no qualms about using that general level of stupidity to his advantage.

Thus references to 'divine providence' in Mein Kampf and in speeches are to be taken with an extra large pinch of salt. Certainly Hitler believed that the German people's had a historic destiny, and that his mission was to fulfill that, but the notion that Hitler would ever have prayed to God or sought spiritual guidance on it is nonsense. Hitler saw himself as the driving force of it all.

Religion enters into it only in the sense of a tool to be used. His hatred of the Jews had much more to do with the prevailing belief at the time that Jews were behind communism and 'internationalism' and were deliberately out to destroy the 'purity' of nations for that purpose. They made an excellent scapegoat for his early beer hall speeches.

As for being a creationist.....the idea that he was one in the sense of the modern Bible thumping US style is utter nonsense. Whatever views he had on any such religious matters were ( deliberately in some respects ) extremely vague and ill defined. The formost goal was the political one. Religion was a handy tool if it furthered that goal, and Hitler had to deal with the existing power of the church and make appropriate noises to them. Any statement beyond that is just sheer contrivance and over-imagination.

And irrelevant such concepts as atheism, creationism, etc stand or fall on their own merits and don't need 'what Hitler believed' to bolster or detract in the least.

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