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Roger Stanyard writes:

Likewise Intelligent Design originated wholly in the USA after 1987.

No it doesn't! Sheesh Roger, you have an absurdly narrow view of this! The classic work of Intelligent Design was in 1809, William Paley's Natural Theology: or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity collected from the appearances of Nature. As the title suggests, there is almost nothing in modern ID that isn't there in that book!

You are totally overlooking that intelligent-design creationism was the dominant view of almost all Christians before modern science!

... has long established that young earth creationism had been almost wholly abandoned in Britain prior to Darwin's 1859 publishing.

The key word there is "young" earth creationism. You might be right that the 6000-yr-old view has losing ground well before Darwin, in the face of geology, but YEC is only one strand of creationism. It is still the case that before 1859 almost all Christians would have regarded man as specially created by God in our current form (the timescale being a side issue). Do you have any evidence against that statement?

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