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Roger Stanyard writes:

Oh, I see. You don't actually know what Hitler was taught. ... Your position is just speculation. I don't know either ...

You're right, I don't know about curricula in German Catholic schools at around 1900. But note that my discussion of then Catholic teaching was in response to your assertions that Hitler had been brought up in an evolution-accepting environment. You said (post 15):

Let's get this absolutely straight. ... most [Christians] accept evolutionary biology and most accept the Bible, including Genesis, as allegory and metaphore. Hitler came from that tradition.

You have presented no evidence that the "tradition" of Hitler's environment in 1900 accepted evolution. I don't claim to be an expert on schooling then but I consider it fairly unlikely for education up to age 15 (when Hitler left school) in the 1900s.

But I'm quite happy to leave Catholic teaching out of this (you raising it was the only reason I was discussing it) and focus simply on what Hitler believed, and the evidence is quite clear that he believed in the special creation of man in our current form.

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