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Roger Stanyard writes:

I am asserting that Hitler believed that man had been created by God in man's current form. And I've presented many quotes from Mein Kampf and other places to support that view. Would you agree that, as best we can tell, that was Hitler's opinion?"

No. It's being presented as creationism.

How revealing that you avoid answering the question.

Even if he did believe this it wouldn't be creationism ...

It might not be Stanyard-defined-creationism but it would be creationism, but this dispute about labels is pointless.

Nothing you've said shows that he [Hitler] rejected evolution except with mankind.

Ah good, so you accept that I've shown that Hitler rejected the evolution of mankind -- the only species that creationists actually care about. You know, the whole debate is about how Christian or Darwinist ideas apply to man.

I simply cannot turn to creationists and say that they are wrong about Hitler supporting evolution and being an atheist based on what you have provided.

I think you'll find that you can! And it is very effective to. I've done it quite a few times. The creationists start off by angrily accusing me of lying. Then when I give them links to Mein Kampf to prove it they start whimpering, snivelling, wanting their mummies, and desperately trying to change the subject.

You would be right to conclude that I am not an expert on Hitler. Unfortunately, neither are you, it appears.

Ah, that snide ending is your cover for the fact that you've provided absolutely nothing to support your assertions about Hitler, nothing at all, whereas I have produced ample quotes to show that he believed that man had been specially created by God in current form, and thus could be fairly and sensibly labeled a creationist (by any reasonable meaning of the word).

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