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Roger Stanyard writes:

It's full of quotes lifted off the Internet, unsubstantiated guesses, lacking rigorous definitions and with an extremely transparent agenda, to attack religion in general. It shows no understanding of the history of creationism and no understanding of theology. No historian would touch it with a bargepole.

You resort to such empty blather because you have no actual substance or evidence to say on this issue.

If you want to make a sustainable claim that Hitler was the exact opposite, I suggest that point scoring and cut and paste quotes on Internet is will quickly leave you with a serious credibility problem.

My quotes from Mein Kampf came from (and derived from reading) the full text of the book. What exactly is wrong with that? At least I've presented evidence -- you've presented nothing. You're behaving like a creationist, when presented with evidence you weasel and attack the poster; you haven't actually either rebutted or dealt with the actual evidence. Though, to your credit you have now accepted the main point I was making all along: that the evidence shows that Hitler believed that man was specially created by God in man's current form.

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