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Biame's claim: "Hitler also dropped leaflets proclaiming himself as an anti-christ."
Me: Evidence for that claim please?

Now Biame replies:

Hi Coel, evidence? I am wondering what you would do with evidence, so far you seem to be making a case from fantasy and the power of suggestion you personally attach to it.

What I would do with evidence is consider it. Your comment is bizarre, considering I have produced quite a bit of evidence to back my claim that Hitler was a creationist (e.g. comment 11 in this thread), whereas those disagreeing with that claim have produced no evidence. Is this comment of yours a smokescreen for the fact that you can't support your claim?

However for people interested in evidence: The Ministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda allegedly did use Nostradamus. Goebbels notes in his diary that ... (transl.: Nostradamus is being exploited for a pamphlet and for so-called chain-letters. Taubert did a great job.) Apparently Goebbels himself (whose wife was also fascinated by the 'prophecies') encouraged this circulation of (hand- or typewritten) versions of Nostradamus' 'prophecies' for propaganda reasons. As it seems, the ministry produced such propaganda leaflets also in English, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, and Swedish.

Err, excuse me, but what part of that is supposed to be evidence that "Hitler also dropped leaflets proclaiming himself as an anti-christ"?? Now, if the claim had been "Nazi propaganda leaflets referred to Nostradamus's prophecies" then that would indeed be evidence. But your claim wasn't that, it was "Hitler also dropped leaflets proclaiming himself as an anti-christ". So, do you have evidence for that claim?

It would be a rather extraordinary thing for Hitler to have done, considering that the populations of both his own country and his main foes were overwhelmingly Christian. And extraordinary claims require quite a bit of evidence. So, I'll ask again, what evidence do you have for it?

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