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Schrodinger's Cat writes:

I'm quite sure if I cherry picked phrases I could probably make a case that Das Kapital argues for capitalism.

But then my quotes from Mein Kampf are not cherry-picked, the strand of thought is clearly there; anyone can read if for themselves in the above link. No-one has shown that any of my quotes are out-of-context or misleading.

What's more 'old earth creationism' really is not the same as the Bible thumping stuff that's around these days.

Agreed, but so what? No-one has claimed that Hitler was an AiG-style 6000-yr-old-Earth, Biblical-literalist creationist; the claim is that he was a creationist (meaning, he believed in man being created by god in present form, and rejecting the idea of man's evolution from other species).

And the point of stating that is that it shows he was not motivated by a belief in Darwinism, as many people quite falsely, and contrary to all the evidence, allege.

The way the 'Hitler was a creationist' case is presented is as if its screaming out on every page.

Err, no, no-one has said or implied that. Why don't you deal with what has actually been claimed, rather than attack strawmen?

In time that developed into outright racism.....but at no point do I see creationism as being the causal factor.

Whether of not creationism was a CAUSAL factor, a root cause of his ideas, is a separate question to whether he was a creationist and whether his creationism was part of the arguments he gave. Both of the latter things are true (the evidence shows).

Whether that was the foundation and motivation for his hatred of the Jews is a different question -- almost certainly it wasn't. But that doesn't alter the point that he was a creationist and thus that his ideas were not motivated by a belief in Darwinian evolution. That last point is the sole point I am trying to establish on this thread -- and it is amazing how much ignoring-of-evidence people are willing to do to try to avoid accepting it!

Hitler is actually quite a clear writer and spells things out with more than sufficent clarity to show that the primary motivation was the political, cultural, and racial 'salvation' of Germany.

Why yes, indeed, you're right! But that does not alter the fact that Hitler was a creationist (meaning he believed that man had been created by god in current form, rejected an evolution from earlier life), and thus that he was not motivated by a belief in Darwinian evolution -- as the lies of the religious try to make out.

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