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Schrodinger's Cat writes:

There are plenty of people, and even were back then, who accept evolution but still believe in 'God'. There is no direct causal relationship between believing in a creator and NOT believing in evolution. Thus the one, even if it were a point, does not disprove the other.

Yes, I know that! It is bleeding obviously the case. Please note that I did NOT say that "Hitler believed in God and thus cannot have accepted evolution", what I said was (and isn't this utterly obviously what I said?) that the many quotes I've provided from Hitler's MK and elsewhere show quite clearly that he was a creationist who believed that God created man in man's current form, and thus that he rejected evolution and so cannot have been motivated by belief in Darwinism.

Now, why the heck are you trying to "answer" ridiculous strawmen that are totally different from what I actually claimed? Can you try reading please?

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