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Roger Stanyard writes:

Like it or not, those fighting creationism need rigorous definitions of creationism ...

OK, so how about defining creationism as you just did:

Creationism, whether it be old earth creation, day age creationism, recolonisation, Intelligent Design or young earth creationism rejects the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Looks fine to me. So someone who believes that man was created by god in man's current form (rather than being evolved from other species) is thus a creationist. And thus the evidence of Mein Kampf etc is that, by that definition, Hitler was a creationist. If we can agree on that, based on your above definition, then we're getting somewhere.

If you start calling Christian scientists creationists even though they accept evolutionary biology, you'll make enemies of you best allies. That isn't smart. It's plain dumb.

But then no-one has suggested that on this thread (with the possible exception of the issue of how one describes someone who accepts evolution for man's material form but wants a creationist origin for a "soul").

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