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Schrodinger's Cat writes:

I can equally as well cherry pick quotes to show that Hitler had 'natural law' type beliefs....

So what? In what way is that incompatible with believing that man was specially created in his current form, rather than having evolved?

How about you reading sentences like at the end of the Vienna section where Hitler refers to " this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men. ...

I've read it, thanks. In what way is it incompatible with believing that man was specially created in his current form, rather than having evolved? I did address that quote of yours in my comment 91.

How can that possibly equate with what most people regard as creationism ?

Very easily. It is called "Old Earth Creationism". You, like Roger, are saying that this belief is not like the dominant strand of creationism these days. And you're right, it's not; today OEC is much less common than Biblical-literalist YEC. But then Hitler wasn't schooled today, he was schooled around 1900, and in those days OEC was much more common.

What 'aristocratic principle in nature' is there in creationism ?

"Creationism" is not a word for a specific ideology, it's a word for a group of ideologies that all have in common that man was created in current form, rather than having evolved. It includes OEC, YEC and lots of other strands.

He's clearly refering to what he sees as natural laws by which one group are more worthy than another. There you have two quotes from just one paragraph. I'm sure I could cherry pick more if I looked.

I'm sure you could. So what? None of those quotes are relevant to whether he was a creationist or not.

The reality is that Hitler's 'beliefs' are a mish-mash of a whole load of different things. He has himself cherry picked ideas that he sees to be useful.....from natural law and from religion.

Indeed so, his ideas are indeed a mish-mash of a whole load of things. And one of those things is creationism (and a rejection of the evolutionary alternative).

It all smacks of just ' Hitler was a creationist.....nanananana ! ', and a rather puerile and simplistic version of events.

Not at all, the conclusion I'm drawing from the clear evidence that Hitler was a creationist is that he was not motivated by a belief in Darwinian evolution (as many Christians quite falsely claim). That is all I'm concluding from it. Why are you so resistant to accepting that?

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