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Biame writes:

Nostradamus makes reference to a figure known as Hister, many people align this, by association, to mean Hitler. Hister was proclaimed as an anti-christ in the prophecies, who would rule the world, this is one of the pieces of Nostradamus's work which was used.

First, you have not provided evidence that this "Hister" prophecy was in the Nazi propaganda leaflets (you only provided evidence that some of Nostradamus was in them). Second, you have not provide evidence that these leaflets associated "Hister" with Hitler, you're only asserting that "many people" make this association.

I remind you that your original claim was quite stark, namely: "Hitler also dropped leaflets proclaiming himself as an anti-christ". You have fallen well short of substantiating that claim.

Did you not see the supporting evidence to my statement there?

Why yes I did. And the evidence falls well short of supporting the actual claim. You have not provided any evidence that any Nazi leaflet proclaimed Hitler as an anti-christ. Please note that it was your claim so the onus is on you to support it.

You may have read Mein Kampf, you have definitely quoted from it, but you are adding words and knowledge, which are not there.

You have not shown that. The only deductions I am making about Hitler follow fairly clearly and directly from the quotes from Mein Kampf.

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