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You don't need to know how a car works to drive one!

Decide what you want to learn, and then focus on one topic at a time.

I am an ex Computer prof and have taught everything from intro to computers to advanced database theory! Do you want to do a degree or just light reading!

Depending on your personality / learning type, it may be helpful to create a taxonomy, e.g. hardware / software... high level components / electronics... O/S versus application software...

Their are many good books out there, and many good online courses / education.

Keep a notebook and write down any terms you don't know then go define them later. Ask lots of questions... Maybe build your own PC from components bought at a local computer store. Go ask someone at 'Best buy' to tell you what a conmputer is - just kidding!

My mum (67 years old) just finished a computer course at a local night school and is noefairly knowledgable and can find her way around basic software such as windows 7, mail, word, and excel!

Decide your purpose, i.e. are you wanting to be proficient using a computer - in which case pick an Operating System (windows or Mac), buy a pc / mac with Operating System and just follow some online tutorials.

Find a good online forum that focuses on your requirements and ask some questions there.

Good luck... don't be intimidated and don't be afraid to ask questions. Computer geeks just love to explain their craft... it gives them someone to talk to :-)

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