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An un-networked computer is a data pump with different types of storage with differing capacities and that data can be pumped from and to at differing rates (a trade-off between speed and space, broadly). Some places the data is pumped to correspond to outputs like the screen, and pumped from correspond to inputs like the mouse.

If you want more details, assemble or list the parts of a computer yourself and read up on what the different components are on wikipedia.

If you want to get an idea of how hardware is used, learn C and write a few simple programs. To actually do stuff quickly and easily, learn python or equivalent, but only after learning at least the essential concepts of C.

If you want to know how the internet works, read the RFCs (or pick some protocols you know about and find their RFC numbers)

Look on the W3C's site if you want to know how the web works, maybe start with the HTML 5 spec.

If you want to know how to program, I understand Knuth is definitive (or will be when/if finished). You may want to look at it in a library first, as it costs about £150 and comes in three thick volumes thus far.

There are no good operating systems, so I can't recommend one to learn from.

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