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Did people protest like this when Asshole Obama had that sick bastard Rick Warren vomiting up his ridiculous Sky Daddy garbage during his own inauguration?

Tomorrow's the day... Getting the Scarlet A... Tattooed on my arm that is...

That was a diplomatic move. It's not unlike Obama to want to reconcile hostilities between the religious right and the democrats by incorporating an evangelical Christian in his inauguration. I personally feel compelled to ignore the religious right out of existence, but Obama has a career hinging on good relations with as many people as possible, and they are, unfortunately, politically significant.

At worst, in this particular case, you can call Obama annoying. I think "asshole" is a bit poorly thought out given the intentions meant here. Don't let your passion get away from you, it can get harder to reason when you're emotional. I say that casually, and with all due respect, as I don't mean to sound snappy.

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